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Optimal Skin Health for Everyday Life.

Oat beta-glucan, the same ingredient that for twenty years has managed critical skin loss in burn centers, is now available in 93dashONE to provide all skin types with the intense moisture lock needed for softer, smoother, healthier skin.

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The Power of the Oat is Deep Within the Oat.

Oat beta-glucan, a carbohydrate found deep within the cell wall of the oat, has been used for decades by medical professionals to assist in the skin recovery process. As a home remedy, the time honored oat has calmed and soothed skin discomforts from chicken pox, poison oak and ivy and the harsh environment.

Today we have validated our proprietary beta-glucan for everyday use in our93dashONE product line, offering advanced hydration for all skin types.

Essential... Effective... Natural.